Call Free

Call free is one of the best application for websites that the customer can keep in touch with the clients of free-of-cost. Boxile have many customized suites to integrate with the call free service according to the requirements of the client. The main advantage of the call free service is that the online users who visiting the website can make a call to the website of free. Call free service allows the business owners can interact with the clients at any time at the same time they wont lose the potential customers.


  • saves your costs
  • Simple to use
  • Get Caller ID
  • Make free call
  • Track the Location

Boxile Call free service is a full package service capable of delivering high end solutions to the organization. The website owners can track the user geographic location. The Call free service integrating the website, the website owner can track and analyse the user call is comming from which page and even monitor the time spend for the call. Really call free is a best service for business. A member can spend as much time as he wants communicating with any part of the world. The service doesn’t allow you to make calls in to the national or international telecom networks, nor even the cellular (GSM) networks.