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Business 2 Customer (B2C)
boxile-services-1Boxile - Technology has expanded and shifted instantly, setting proper B2C campaigns helps to reach your business objectives. Boxile B2C allows companies with the ability to use different techniques across multiple channels based on which demographics to access them and offer what they really need. Whether you are providing services or products to local or international consumers, Boxile have solutions to meet the requirements. Business to consumer as a business model (B2C) refers to commerce between two or more businesses. Companies that sell directly to consumers ot through Internet can be referred to as B2C companies. Although numerous business to consumer companies finds difficult to stay among competitors, here comes our role. We at Boxile offers significant solutions to stay ahead of competition and changing marketing needs.

Why Boxile B2C Solutions:

  • Work-flow Automation
  • Secure Payment Systems
  • Unlimited Market Place
  • Reduced Marketing Expenses
  • Cost Reduction Technique
  • More Efficient Business Relationships

A set of planned activities designed to meet the goals in a marketplace. Boxile B2C model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain by generate revenue and meet business targets. We are in the business of connecting customers and creating a difference in fields that are relevant for our clients. We help you to increase your profits by producing more leads to your sales department and help drive more potential customers to your web site. Boxile business professionals bring your organization up to date on the newest and most effective marketing campaigns for your individual verticals.

  • Application Integration
  • CRM & Marketing
  • Easy customer interaction
  • Trace your calls
  • Web Design and Maintenance Services
  • Web Application Services
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